Greetings from WHF Foundation Board Member and Past President Mary Martha Fortney!

I am writing to let you know that the Foundation has kicked off a new spotlight series on our non-profit partners. We want to be sure that our WHF members know our grantee partners and the amazing work they do.

If you aren’t familiar with our partners – the list is here: our partners and we will be dedicating some space in our weekly newsletter to do a deep dive into the organizations.

Our partner this month is Calvary Women’s Services of Washington, DC.


Calvary Women’s Services offers housing, health, education, and employment programs that empower homeless women in Washington, DC, to transform their lives. Calvary is committed to providing these services in Wards 7 and 8, which have the highest poverty rates in the District. Our programs are designed for women who are survivors of violence and trauma, are living with mental illness, or are in recovery from substance abuse. Through personalized services and with peer support, each woman identifies and builds on her own strengths in order to meet her goals for safe housing, good health, and financial independence. With more than thirty-five years’ experience, we know our model works. Women at Calvary are gaining the skills and confidence to live independently.

Our programs include transitional and permanent housing, personalized case management, life skills and education opportunities, job training, health and wellness services, on-site therapy and daily addiction recovery meetings.

Our programs work: Each year more than 70% of the women at Calvary successfully end their homelessness.

As homelessness in our region continues to increase, we know we must do more. This holiday season Calvary is opening the doors on a new housing program so that 30 more women will have a safe home before the holidays.


The manner in which we do our work is as important as the work we are doing. We strive to live out our core values.


We treat all people with respect by honoring their skills, knowledge, talents and inherent dignity.


We offer everyone support to reach their own highest potential. We value self-sufficiency, independence and the accomplishment of personal goals.


We are a community of people who support one another, willing to both offer and ask for help.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We are an inclusive community that welcomes all people. We value every opinion and each unique background, history and perspective.


We provide the best housing, health, education and workforce programs to every resident, every day.

If you would like to learn more about Calvary Women’s Services, visit their website at

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